Global Voices Online

Global Voices Online tracks some of the many blogs world wide. Its slogan ‘The World is Talking. Are you listening?’ indicates the extreme value of blogs in the public sphere.

This website is a search engine, tracking a wide range of blogs from the death of a Korean Actress to The pleasures and perils of studying abroad. Any topic imaginable has been spoken, written, debated about on this website and the content keeps rolling in.

The website views itself as a non for profit citizen media project, helping to amplify the local conversation globally via the internet. Established at Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Global Voices Online aims to provide a voice for all and a chance for citizens to be heard.

Although the website or blog search engine is without its disadvantages as it segregates certain communities such as those from North America and Western Europe deeming them to be ‘over-represented in the global media’.

This view by the organisation in my opinion is jeopardising the blogosphere. Being selective with the voices it represents is actually relinquishing the global voice and important and dimmable opinions therefore may be lost and unsourced.

I can’t just dismiss the website for its segregation of certain communities as it does do a lot of good. Global Voices Online has two main sister websites – ‘Rising Voices’ giving those from under privileged communities a chance to express their thoughts and ‘Lingua Global Voices translation project,’ translating blogs in a dozen languages. There are many other GV websites so jump on and check them out.

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